👨‍💻 About Me

Hi there, I'm Adrian and currently a PhD Student of Computer Science. Feel free to take a look around my profile, during my studies and as a hobby I created many different software projects. Not all of them are in my personal profile, so check out some of the awesome organizations that I worked in:

  • Dyvil - A modern JVM programming language.
  • Fujaba - The Fulib Tool Suite for developer productivity.
  • SE Kassel Research - Projects at the Software Engineering Research Group Kassel.
  • Clashsoft-Mods - My old Minecraft modding projects.
  • Minestrappolation - Also Minecraft modding, but a larger project and team.

🏠 Websites

Want to see my work without reading a bunch of code? Here are some of my showoff projects, available to all on the web:

  • fulib.org - A modern software engineering platform, featuring experimental modeling languages, a web IDE, homework grading, etc.
  • app.clashsoft.de - A bunch of minor projects that I put together into one web app.
  • coffee.uniks.de - Coffee Counter and amenity finance tracker for the SE office.
  • stellarismeta24.com [Coming Soon] - Create, share, find and rate Stellaris empires for your next playthrough.
  • apollusia.uniks.de - Organise group and 1:1 meetings with this clean, free, and powerful tool.

Most of these are made with Angular (frontend), NestJS (backend), MongoDB (database), Nx (workspace/build) and my own Mean-Stream library.

📄 Papers

And for those of you into reading, here are some of my papers and theses (in increasing order of quality and proudness):

  • Fusion Seminar Paper (2015, TBP) - "Energy production with nuclear fusion".
  • Groovy Seminar Paper (2018) - A seminar paper about the Groovy programming language.
  • Valhalla Seminar Paper (2020) - A seminar paper about the OpenJDK project Valhalla.
  • Bachelor Thesis (2020) - "Natural Language Pattern Matching for Natural Language Object Scenarios".
  • Master Thesis (2022) - "Tool-assisted Feedback for Programming Assignments".
  • More on Google Scholar (2019--now)

📊 Stats

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👷‍ Check out what I'm currently working on

🌱 My latest projects

🗜 Latest releases I've contributed to

  • fujaba/fulibFx (v0.6.0, 1 week ago) - A framework for JavaFX applications that is designed for MVC pattern projects.
  • fujaba/fulib.org (v1.18.0, 3 months ago) - The fulib web app: fulibScenarios, fulibWorkflows, Docs, Projects and Assignments in one app.
  • fujaba/fulibScenarios (v1.7.1, 4 months ago) - fulibScenarios provides an analyzer for textual example scenarios.
  • fujaba/fulibTools (v1.6.0, 4 months ago) - Additional features for fulib that require some large dependencies.
  • fujaba/fulib (v1.6.2, 4 months ago) - Fulib is a library that provides code generation for UML like models and some model management functionalities.

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